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Security Shift Supervisor - 2705

Maine Maritime Academy

Job Description

Staff, Support & Professional


Job Title: Security Shift Supervisor                                        Date:  February, 2013

Job Code:  2705



The Security Shift Supervisor is responsible for the supervision of the Security Guards and the Communications Specialists in the carrying out of their duties as assigned by the Director of Security.  This position reports to the Director of Security and will be able to perform all duties of a Security Guard I or II when appropriate, as well as the duties of a Communications Specialist if required.  A salaried position, this employee will have a flexible schedule in order to cover shifts due to absences for vacations, sick time, or other emergencies at the direction of the Director.  This position reports daily to the Director of Security to review incidents, issues, and plans that occur while they are on duty.  The employee will ensure that all reports covering incidents and situations that occurred during their shift are completed by the Security Officers to their satisfaction prior to the Security Officers leaving for the day.




1)      Reports daily to the Director of Security for updates and advises him/her of the events of the previous day/shift.

2)      In the absence of the Director, assumes daily operation of the Department.

3)      Supervises student and regular Academy employees.

4)      Under the direction of the Director will ensure time sheets of those on shift are correct per the hours worked and the reporting requirements of the Contract.

5)      Reviews the utilization and maintenance of all Security equipment.

6)      Reviews and makes recommendations to the Director of Security on the shift schedules for Security Guards and Communication Specialists.

7)      Handles reporting requirements and other clerical duties as assigned by the Director.

8)      As a supervisor, must respond to routine and emergency situations involving the Academy community.

9)      Will plan and conduct training sessions for other Security Department personnel.

10)  Conducts briefings with fellow employees to inform personnel of pertinent information regarding campus safety and security matters.

11)  Performs other duties as assigned by the Director of Security.


This job description reflects the general duties of the job but is not a detailed description of all duties, which may be inherent to the position.  The Academy may assign reasonably related additional duties to individual employees consistent with policy and collective bargaining agreements.







JOB TITLE:  Security Shift Supervisor                                      JOB CODE #: 2705


WAGE GRADE:   16                                                          TOTAL POINTS: 412


Knowledge and Skill   4 144
I.           Mental and Visual Effort            5 40
II.          Physical Effort   2 20
Responsibility for Cost Control   4 32
Responsibility for Others      
I.    Injury to Others   5 40
II. Supervisory Responsibility   4 32
III. Sensitive Information and Records   3 24
Working Conditions   4 40
Responsibility for External and      
    Internal Relations   5 40



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