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Drug Testing

All students at Maine Maritime Academy, regardless of major, are required to participate in a random urinalysis program during their enrollment. All students who act as part of the crew of any MMA vessel, transport students in MMA vehicles, and/or pursue MMA co-ops must participate in the random and pre-employment drug testing program.

Maine Maritime Academy complies with Title 46 Code of Federal Regulations 16.230 mandating periodic, random, pre-employment, post-incident, and reasonable cause drug testing for all students and employees whose positions require this testing. All students and employees who act as part of the crew of any Academy vessel, both documented and undocumented, and in addition, when transporting students in Academy vehicles shall be subject to this policy. Federal law requires periodic or random drug testing of students prior to training cruises, cadet shipping, or taking of a U.S. Coast Guard physical examination. All students who are enrolled in a curriculum leading to a U.S. Coast Guard license are automatically subject to random drug testing without notice. Additionally, since drug testing and “zero-tolerance” drug policies have become standard in the industries in which most of our students will be working, as co-op students and as employees, it is the Academy’s policy that any student pursuing an Academy Cooperative Education Experience (co-op) must participate in the random and pre-employment drug testing program. Additionally, any students who are in a disciplinary status for any violation of our drug or drug testing policies may be subject to increased random drug testing.

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