Inert Gas Systems Crude Oil Washing (5 Day)

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Participants: Maximum 24

Inert Gas Systems / Crude Oil Wash (IGS/COW) is a course designed to develop a fundamental understanding of the shipboard systems associated with the design and safe operations of inert gas and crude oil wash systems aboard tankers.  The objectives are to have the students introduced to the science, design, and safety features of the IGS/COW systems, based on Solas Regulation 62 or FFS chapter 15 guidelines.  The course explains the science, mechanics, operational procedures, and regulations applicable to various IGS and COW systems.   The course will provide an understanding of the locations and functions of the IGS/COW components.  This course will develop the student’s ability to understand the operational limitations and safety requirements of the IGS/COW systems.  Students will demonstrate their understanding of the systems using the Transas Dangerous Liquid Cargo simulator and the OSG 350 tanker simulator.  This course will prepare students to successfully operate, maintain, and inspect the IGS/COW systems.