DHS/FEMA Maritime First Responder Course Series

The following courses and providers are approved by Maine Maritime Academy, Maine Emergency Management Agency and DHS/FEMA. Each course is listed in https://www.firstrespondertraining.gov/frt/catalog.do?a=state_federal

At this time there are no classes scheduled. Please check back for updates or email continuinged@mma.edu with any questions.

Tuition reimbursement MAY be available from FEMA funding provided to any US State. Contact your Emergency Management Agency POC to inquire about course funding for your agency/group. His or her POC for these courses is. Maine State Point of Contact: MICHAEL GRANT, Maine SAA Phone: (207) 624-4460 Email: michael.f.grant@maine.gov

Presently, these courses are by CONTRACT ONLY and may be delivered at Maine Maritime Academy or an acceptable classroom or waterfront facility at the requestor’s location. Certificates of completion are issued and course records maintained by Maine Maritime Academy Continuing Ed.The average course delivery cost for 25-30 people attending a 2 day classroom based course is $18,000 -$20,000 plus instructor travel accommodations and tailoring required by location.

NOTE- each course fee will be individually negotiated with the course provider and Maine Maritime Continuing Ed Coordinator based upon details of date and location, equipment and materials needs, accommodation and transportation plus number of approved instructors required. (Only) Established Maine Maritime Academy Continuing Ed partners who authored these courses may deliver them. Course partners are: MSLEP TBO, EMO, PSRS – http://www.oceanrescue.com/ working at times with http://mpactusa.com/ CSTME http://www.marinefirefighting.org/training.html

(ME -001- PROTECT) Maritime Security Awareness for Military, First Responder and Law Enforcement Personnel (MSLEP) Sponsoring State or Agency: Maine Course Length: 2 days. Course Delivery: Residential Training Course Level: Awareness Course Description: Maritime Security Awareness for Military, First Responder and Law Enforcement Personnel is for all persons responding to or responsible for maritime venue anti-terrorism and catastrophic security measures. Prerequisites: None Mission Areas: Protect Target Audience: Emergency Management Agency, Emergency Medical Services, Fire Servic,e Law Enforcement, Other:  mutual aid or required response groups including USCG as part of a Maritime Incident Response Team and security personnel at Port Facilities.

(ME -002- PROTECT) Command Strategies and Tactics for Marine Emergencies (CSTME) Sponsoring State or Agency: Maine Course Length: 2 days Course Delivery: Residential Training Course Level: Management Course Description: The purpose of this course is to provide an awareness and primary operations level training program for emergency responders and key agency stakeholders working as partners within the maritime domain. The responders will represent agencies that would be called upon to respond, communicate and integrate their common all-hazards, emergency response plans for incidents occurring within their jurisdictions. The intent of this program is to promote interoperability among responders to Maritime emergencies regardless of jurisdictional size or capability. Prerequisites: None Mission Areas: Protect Target Audience: Emergency Management Agency, Emergency Medical Services, Fire Service, Governmental Administrative, Hazardous Materia,l Law Enforcement, Other – Public Safety Communications, mutual aid or required response groups including USCG as part of a Maritime Incident Response Team and security personnel at Port Facilities.

(ME 003 PROTECT) Tactical Boat Operations for Maritime Security and LE personnel (TBO) Sponsoring State or Agency: Maine Course Length: 3 days Course Delivery: Residential Training Course Level: Awareness Course Description: The purpose of this course is to provide the first-response, waterborne community an on the water based program of how best to integrate their common, prevent, protect and respond efforts in a maritime security, all hazards environment. In order to meet the requirements of the National Response Framework, MTSA, and the Safe Port Act, this course was developed to assist the Maritime Law Enforcement community. Prerequisites: None Mission Areas: Protect Target Audience: Governmental Administrative, Law Enforcement, Other -as individual locations require.

(ME 004 PROTECT) Public Safety Rescue Swimmer (PSRS) Sponsoring State or Agency: Maine Course Length: 5 days Course Delivery: Mobile Training Course Level: N/A Course Description: This Public Safety Rescue Swimmer training program has been formulated to meet the demands of Police, Fire and Rescue Squads whose areas of response include bodies of open water where users of these water bodies may find themselves in distress. Generally this course is aimed at responders facing possible difficult conditions of large waves, strong currents, poor visibility and remote access. As such, the contents of this course greatly exceed the standards set by most national agencies for technical water rescue response. It is assumed that these water rescue responders are part of a team (Department) effort and have available support in the form of equipment (boats, immersion suits, flotation devices and other), safety crew(s) on immediate standby in case of need by the primary rescuers, and that appropriate planning has been conducted in advance to minimize the possibility of rescuer injury and maximize the likelihood of successful rescue. We further assume that the Incident Command System is intact and operational. Prerequisites: Basics – physically fit, strong swimmers up for intensive and challenging training. Mission Areas: Protect Target Audience: Emergency Medical Services. Fire Service. Law Enforcement. Other – as individual locations require.

(ME-002-RESPOND) Emergency Medical Operations in the Maritime Domain (EMO) Sponsoring State or Agency: Maine Course Length: 16 Hours Course Delivery: Mobile Training Course Level: Performance Course Description: Material presented in this course will allow members of the land-based response community to develop a working understanding of how best to accomplish their tasking and efforts when responding to a medical emergency in the maritime domain both from the shoreside and when interfacing with vessels that may be subject to either U.S. or international regulations. Elements of the program will address how to best combine efforts to integrate shore side security and medical response efforts while interfacing with a waterborne security and response program that could include maritime security, fire, hazmat, CBRNE, oil spills, mass evacuation and mass casualty operations in a maritime all hazards environment. Additional elements include how to perform such functions with Federal agency assistance under the National Response Plan, Customs and Border Protection (CBP), and U.S. Coast Guard requirements. Portions of the program will considerations of first responder security and safety requirements including how to combine all efforts to comply with security requirements of the Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA), the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) code the Security and Accountability For Every Port (SAFE) Act of 2006 for various regulated entities. Prerequisites: Basic ICS training to NIMS standards Mission Areas: Respond Target Audience: Emergency Management Agency, Emergency Medical Services, Fire Service, Governmental Administrative. Hazardous Material, Health Care, Law Enforcement, Other: Public Health, Public Safety Communications