NOTE: Per STCW-2010, this course is the renewal requirement for mariners with LESS than 1 year of sea time in the past five years per the new January 1, 2017 guidelines.  

2018 Dates: TBD

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STCW*LLBSTR* This course is open to all seafarers who have previously been certified in Basic Safety Training and are capable of meeting the physical and professional eligibility requirements for STCW certification, and have at least entry level mariner documents from USCG or a foreign flag state whose mariner credentialing organization will accept USCG documents. The course has been specifically developed to meet the requirements of STCW and the US national assessment guidelines published in NMC Policy Ltr No 14-98 and NVIC 5-00. Practical exercises have been developed in each element to practice and assess skills needed for routine and emergency operations in the seagoing work environment. The objective of the course is to refresh and recertify seafarers in order to maintain the minimum standards of competence through a demonstration of the proficiencies listed in the STCW Code Tables A-V1/1-1 through 1-4 and Subpart C of Part ll, Title 46 Code of Federal Regulations.  Advance reading will be assigned.