Basic Ice Navigation

Price: $1400
Participants: Max – online | no minimum

This is an blended/online USCG certified course which meets the STCW mandatory  minimum requirements for training and qualification of masters and officers on board ships operating in polar waters.  The knowledge based information will be presented online, all sections will be followed with an online assessment which must be passed prior to advancing to the next section.

Upon successful completion of the online portion of the course the candidate must report to a course approved authorized exam center to complete the required on-site written final examination. Upon successfully completing the final examination certification will be issued.

This course meets the Certification requirements for Basic Training in Polar Waters  STCW table A-V/4-1.  By successfully completing this course the candidate will have met the minimum knowledge, understanding and proficiency listed in column 2 of table A-V/4-1 and the required standards of competence in accordance with the methods for demonstrating competence and the criteria for evaluating competence tabulated in column 3 and 4 of table A-V4-1.