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General Residence Policies

Residence Policies


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The following are general guidelines for residence living and are not to be interpreted as complete and formal policy. Please refer to the Student Handbook for further clarification. Regimental students must refer to their class privileges list for further guidelines.


  • Bicycles are not to be ridden on campus grounds during the class day. Please walk your bike to the edge of campus to start riding. This is for the safety of pedestrians.
  • Storage of bicycles in rooms is permitted as long as they do not interfere with passage into and out of the room. This is a privilege and not a right.
  • Bicycles are not to be ridden in the hallways or stairwells. Problems with bikes in the building may at a minimum result in loss of the storage privilege.

Care and Maintenance of Rooms and Common Areas

  • All students shall be responsible for the care of their assigned room/suite (includes the semi-private bath), and the furniture and equipment therein.
  • All students are responsible for the conditions and cleanliness in their sections of the hall, and the common hall areas in general.
  • As residents of the larger community, students will develop section contracts and programs to provide for cleaning in their common areas and to take responsibility to prevent damages and other problems in the hall.
  • Help conserve energy. During cold or inclement weather, keep windows closed at all times, except for ventilation when occupied.

Easy Chairs/ Floor Lamps/ Waste Baskets

  • Upholstered chairs/couches (limit: only 1 chair or couch per room), floor lamps, and wastebaskets will not be included as part of room furniture. These items must be procured by the room occupant and must meet Academy standards for safety requirements (Regimental students must refer to their class privileges list for guidelines).


  • Provision is made for hunters and other authorized students to store weapons in the armory. All such items must be labeled and placed into the armory upon arrival to campus. When transporting such items to, from, or on-campus, a trigger lock MUST be utilized. Contact the Office of Safety and Security for access and further information. No firearms, paintball guns, archery equipment, knives, and martial arts equipment are allowed in student rooms.

Electrical Equipment/Appliances

  • Unauthorized electrical equipment (not permitted in residential facilities) includes: such appliances as hot plates, toaster ovens, electric fry pans, soldering irons, electrical tools, electric blankets, heating lamps or pads, torchiere type lamps, etc. unless authorized by the Student Services Division. * Regimental students should refer to their class privileges list for further guidelines.
  • Authorized electrical equipment (permitted in residential facilities) includes: TV, VCR/DVD, stereo, microwaves (snack size) (except for regimental 4/c), computer, hair dryer, coffee maker, hot pots with closed coils (for heating water and soups), and a hot air popcorn popper are allowed. *One small refrigerator (up to 3 cu, ft.) per room is also authorized (except for regimental 4/c). Regimental students should also refer to their class privileges list for any further restrictions.
  • Only electrical appliances or equipment that are certified by "Underwriters Lab., Inc. (UL)" or the equivalent thereof are authorized for use in the residence halls.
  • Only extension cords or multi-plugs that feature a built in circuit breaker or surge protector are authorized for use in student rooms. If there is a question of approval the Director of Safety and Security will rule on acceptability.
  • It is recommended that residents limit the number of electrical appliances that are in operation at a time.
  • The use of outside aerials or antennas of any type is not permitted as each room has a cable TV port in it. Connecter cables are available from Mr. Shawn Heath in the maintenance room by the elevator, Curtis Hall.

Food In Rooms

  • Only foodstuffs that can be prepared in authorized electric equipment can be cooked or heated in rooms, (this includes coffee/tea, or popcorn using a hot air popper). Also see D. "cooking in rooms". Care must be taken anytime that you use any type of cooking/heating equipment. Do not leave hot pots and such going when no one is present in the room. Any foodstuffs/snacks kept in rooms must be stored in sealed containers.
  • The only cooking that is authorized in rooms in Curtis Hall is that which can be done in an approved, closed coil hot pot or popcorn popper (see "Electrical Appliances" for what equipment is acceptable). There is a small microwave available to students in the "Bilge" Lounge. The Bilge also has a small kitchenette that is outfitted with cooking gear. Small groups can use this facility for special meals see your R.A., the Bilge Manager, or the Associate Director of Student Services for further information.

Lockable Spaces

  • One closet/locker and desk drawer capable of being padlocked will be provided each resident. It is recommended that students lock their valuables in these spaces at all times when the room is not occupied by the resident(s) assigned to it.
  • Closets and drawers will not be entered outside of normal inspections for any reason unless authorized by the Vice President for Enrollment Management/Commandant, the Dean of Student Services, the Director of Residential Life & Student Services, the Director of Safety and Security, or the President, and only with probable cause.

Musical Instruments

  • Students are allowed to play musical instruments in their rooms only when they are played in such a manner as not to annoy other students.
  • They cannot be played during exam week study hours.
  • Electronic instruments should be played with headphones.

Off Campus Living

  • Students who meet the requirements for eligibility (22 yr. of age by end of the calendar year, 2 yr. military service with honorable discharge, married, or completed six semesters on campus at MMA) may obtain a Permission Request/Registration: Off Campus Living form
  • Students who are eligible for Off Campus living, but sign up for rooms in the spring must submit their forms to vacate their reservation by July 1 or be subject to an administrative charge.
  • Unless you meet the above stated guidelines, you are required to live on-campus.
  • Students who do not meet these requirements but wish to apply, must file a written request with the Housing Appeals Board (see Residence Hall Policies and Regulations: Student Handbook).


  • No pets may be kept at Maine Maritime or taken into the residence hall or other buildings by a student or his/her guests, with the exception of tropical fish in an approved aquarium.

Quiet Hours/ Quiet Sections
Academicsare an important part of student life here, and it is important that residents practice consideration for others and respect each others needs. For instance, some students need to study more than others and regimental students schedules often require early hours.

  • Quiet hours are to be observed on Sunday - Thursday after 7:00 p.m., and after 12:00 p.m. on Friday -Saturday.During these hours there should be no loud noise in the hall ways and stereos/music equipment cannot be heard outside the students room.
  • There is a Quiet Area Section designated within the building which is available for both lifestyles. Here the quiet hours policy applies as designated by the residents of that area. Residents from other areas who travel through these sections are expected to respect the needs of the people living there and keep their conversations at a quiet level so as not to disturb them.


  • Assignments: generally, only new students have assigned roommates. Upper class student pick roommates at room selection time each spring.
  • Problems between roommates? Not everyone is automatically skilled in living with others and often the adjustment takes an effort from each person to learn how to interact with each other, respect each others rights, and to get along. If you and your roommate are not getting along, or if you are not sure how to approach him or her about a concern, you might consult with your R.A. for guidance. They have been there and are trained in helping roommates adjust through their own efforts or by mediation.
  • Changing roommates? The process starts with your Resident Assistant. Discuss your problems and reasons for requesting a change.
  • See the section on Residence Hall Regulations and Policies in the Student Handbook.

Storage Facilities/Procedures/Time Limit

  • Maine Maritime assumes no responsibility for personal belongings placed in storage and it has only limited storage facilities available to students in each residential facility.
  • In Curtis Hall, there is one storage room located in each floor section and it is managed by the RA for that area. Label all items with your name, the room number and storage date.
  • Due to the limited space available and fire regulations, we cannot store furniture.
  • Items stored with out authorization (i.e. U./A. locker, furniture, incorrectly labeled, etc.) may be removed and disposed of immediately.
  • Items left in storage over eight months will be removed and disposed.


  • Airport/Bus Station Shuttle: At the beginning and end of vacation breaks and the end of the academic year, Student Services provides students a shuttle service to Bangor International Airport and the Greyhound and Concord Coachlines bus stations in Bangor. There is a minimal charge for this service.


  • Maine Maritime shall not be held accountable for the loss or damage of personal belongings. Students should not maintain items of value in their room that cannot be locked up in their closets or drawers.
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