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Transfer Students

Transfer Students

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Transfer students will be considered for advanced standing on the quality of their credentials.
  • Courses for transfer must be equivalent to a grade of "C" or better from an accredited college or university,
  • The amount of transfer credits will depend on the equivalency of the courses to MMA's curriculum as evaluated by the Registrar,
  • Courses from an approved military program are transferable where applicable. Submit an American Council on Education SMART (Navy/Marine Corps) or AART (Army),
  • Transfer credits submitted from foreign colleges and universities will only be considered after they have been evaluated by a professional analyst,
  • Transfer credits are not used in calculating the student's QPA at Maine Maritime.
  • In accordance with federal regulations, Third Officer U.S. Coast Guard
    license students must be in training for a minimum of three years.
    Accordingly, except in unusual circumstances, transfer students or
    those expecting advanced placement in those majors must spend a
    minimum of this time in training.
  • Please note that it is usually not possible to satisfy the unique
    academic requirements of the bachelor of science program in less than
    three years at Maine Maritime Academy. Because of scheduling and
    prerequisite requirements, Maine Maritime Academy cannot guarantee
    transfer students that all courses will be available in the sequence
    desired for graduation in an accelerated (less than 4 years) program.
  • Every effort will be made to accommodate transfer students, but first
    priority in scheduling courses will be for the standard 4 year BS
  • Transfer students are urged to have an interview with the Director of

All information used to make an admission decision must be received by the published deadlines. This includes:

  • MMA online application,
  • official high school transcript,
  • results of either the SAT or the ACT,
  • an official transcript(s)  from all accredited colleges or universities attended,
  • a letter of recommendation from a dean, professor or professional from the last institution attended.

NOTE: A transfer student from another maritime academy requires a letter of recommendation from the Commandant of Midshipmen of the academy previously attended.

Forward all materials to:
Director of Admissions
Maine Maritime Academy
1 Pleasant Street
Castine, ME 04420

MMA offers two application deadlines and corresponding notification dates for first-year students.All information used to make an admission decision must be received by the published deadlines.

  Early Action Regular Decision
Application Deadline November 30* March 1*
Decision Notification by February 1 by April 1
Enrollment Deposit Deadline May 1* May 1*

*MMA reserves the right to :

  • close applications earlier than posted due to the number and quality of applications, 

  • refuse enrollment deposits and suspend acceptances after May 1 due to enrollment limitations

Early Action is for the student seeking early notification of acceptance to the Academy.  All application materials must be postmarked by November 30. Early Action applicants with strong packages will receive an acceptance on a rolling basis no later than February 1st.  Acceptance as an Early Action applicant is non-binding. Early Action applicants whose academic profile requires more information for evaluation will be deferred to Regular Decision.  

Students who complete a Regular Decision application, are deferred from Early Action,  or whose application is not complete for Early Action by November 30th, will be notified (admit, waitlist, or deny) on a rolling basis by the first week of April.

Rolling Decision may be available for applicants at the end of the cycle if space is available.

Applicants are encouraged to apply in early fall as certain specialized majors may reach capacities prior to the application deadline.

Offer of Admission

All offers of admission are extended with the understanding that your record of academic achievement and personal conduct remains at least at the level as when we extended the acceptance. Maine Maritime Academy reserves the right to rescind an offer of admission if it is learned that subsequent academic performance or personal behavior are viewed to be substandard or inappropriate.

Fraudulent Reporting
Applicants must provide accurate and complete information on all application documents. Intentional omission or falsification of information during the application process will result in the immediate rejection of the application. Application misrepresentation includes, but is not limited to: (1) false, omitted, or misleading information on the application, medical or immunization forms, financial aid disclosures or during the personal interview, (2) fake, forged, or altered transcripts, standardized test scores, or letters of recommendation.

Wait List Policy 
 Maine Maritime Academy strives to meet its academic enrollment goals each year. The college’s Office of Admissions acts on applications on a rolling basis until the goals for enrollment are met for the selected academic major or for the entire incoming class. Accordingly, candidates for admission are accepted each year in quantities that are based on an estimate of yield (the percentage of applicants who actually enroll). With this in mind, the college maintains a Wait List for those candidates who meet admission criteria, yet apply or deposit after program or enrollment capacity has been met. These candidates are offered placement on the Wait List. In the event that the yield falls short of projections, MMA will draw students from the Wait List to fill vacancies in the academic program or incoming class.  Wait List FAQ

Contact the Undergraduate This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to inquire about your educational and career goals and how Maine Maritime can help you achieve them.

(207) 326-2206/2207
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