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Graduate School Open House Nov 13, 2018

The Loeb-Sullivan School of International Business & Logistics

The Loeb-Sullivan School of International Business & Logistics offers three Master of Science degrees; the On Campus MS in Global Logistics & Maritime Management, the Online MS in International Logistics Management, and the Master’s & Commander program, which offers the opportunity to earn a Master’s degree Online in Maritime Management combined with a selected On Campus component from the Undergraduate Small Vessel Operations program to earn an opportunity to complete the USCG exam for the 200 Gross Ton Mate Near Coastal license.

These graduate programs prepare students for the challenges of managing the logistics of global supply chains from both a strategic and operational perspective. Our graduate programs encompass the ability to analyze and evaluate the flow of goods, customer service, finances, and information from the supplier’s suppliers to the ultimate consumer. The curriculum emphasizes concepts and theories in the fields of global marketing and sourcing, inventory, distribution, and transportation management as well as the supporting economics and accounting. Students study logistics in the context of a supply chain management philosophy in addition to the set of operational processes that can optimize the international supply chain. Our M & C students also take the SVO courses necessary to complete the USCG exam for the 200 Gross Ton Mate Near Coastal license.

Using a variety of pedagogy from case studies, course projects, experiential learning, and traditional seminars, graduates are grounded in general management capability preparing them to contribute strategic and organizational efforts toward effective supply chain management. This enables our graduates to effectively lead logistics and supply chain organizations on a course in a global economy. Our M & C candidates will also have the added hands-on knowledge that will enable them to become successful mariners.

Under a Memorandum of Understanding, the Loeb-Sullivan Graduate School of International Business and Logistics and the International Association of Maritime and Port Executives (IAMPE) endorse each other’s programs, maintaining the highest professional standards of education and training. The IAMPE provides a professional certification as Maritime Port Manager (MPM) to MMA students for successfully completing the graduate program. In essence, MMA graduate students earn both the Master’s of Science degree as well as the MPM certification.

Explore each of our graduate programs, career options, and course descriptions:

On Campus Global Logistics & Maritime Management
Online International Logistics Management
Master’s & Commander

For additional information, please contact:
Deb Kingston:, 207-326-2212

On Campus MS in Global Logistics & Maritime Management:

  • Traditional, full-time, 10-month, on campus program
  • Total of 36-credit hours
  • Cohort style program offering the entire campus experience
  • Orientation classes begin in mid August with traditional classes beginning in September
  • Program concludes by mid-June with an Integrating Strategic Module
  • Undergraduate degree in business is not required
  • Taught by MMA faculty with real-world industry experience
  • Alumni Advantage for MMA alums

Click here for the On Campus application

Online MS in International Logistics Management:

  • A Trimester program designed for the working professional; Keep your full-time career while completing courses
  • Total of 36-credit hours consisting of 9, 4 credit-hour courses
  • Online courses offering anytime, anywhere learning environment
  • Fully involved faculty and student interaction utilizing latest learning technologies; creating the on-site experience in a virtual, online classroom
  • Interact with students throughout the world; no bricks, no mortar, no borders
  • Accepting applicants throughout the year, not just in the Fall semester
  • Undergraduate degree in business or specific organization level is not required
  • Taught by faculty with real-world industry experience
  • Alumni Advantage for MMA alums
  • 2-course exemption for MMA IBL undergraduate alums who qualify

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Master’s & Commander Program:

  • Fully accredited Online Master’s degree program. Earn an MS in Maritime Management.
  • Complete the Undergraduate Small Vessel Operations courses necessary to sit for the USCG 200 Gross Ton Mate Near Coastal license
  • Earn the 78 credit hours required for both over two years
  • Complete a summer Co-op of supervised work experience aboard an appropriate vessel

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Please note: for the health and wellbeing of our community, the Maine Maritime Academy campus and vessels (ashore and afloat) are smoke- and tobacco-free. For more information, please view our policy.